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Sign in online anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or mobile phone to access your auctions.

Whether you run one auction a month or multiple auctions from several auction houses our service can meet your needs.

Smart, simple and easy to use.

Multiple Devices

Popular Features

Catalogue Auctions at speed

Take advantage of mobile technology and catalogue on tablets or even your mobile phone.

Take pictures and upload directly to our CDN for fast image distribution worldwide.

Users & Siloed User Access

Remove the limitations of user access that exist in offline applications, everyone in your team can have an account.

Our modularised system allows you to provide users with access only to what they need.

Integrate third party services

Use our api to access & store information from your website.

Included in our system is a WebHook service that allows 2-way communications.

Vendor Management

Store all client details from contacts, addresses & documents, in a centralised, accessible from anywhere system that is automatically backed up.

Customer Memberships

Take your auction registrations to the next level by providing your customers with membership cards for quick & easy auction registrations.

Buyer Management

View transaction history, record addresses & contact details, store internal comments and more on each buyer in one area.


Moving to this system has allowed us to increase our workloads by 10 times Simon Charles Auctioneers

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