Invoicing Over Multiple Auctions

Quick access to outstanding invoices over all auctions.

Catalogue Auctions at speed

Take advantage of mobile technology and catalogue on tablets or even your mobile phone.

Users & Siloed User Access

Modularised & role based system to provide users with access only to what they need.

Stock Management

Track every product from delivery to sale.

Buyer Management

View purchase history, auction registrations & more.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor details all from one system.

Integrate third party services

Use our api to access & store information from your website.

Live Results

See how well your auctions are going live as they happen.

Fully Responsive

Use our system from your mobile through to desktop.

Audit Trail

Trace any transaction throughout the system when problems arise.

Stats & Reports

Analyse business performance to help make business decisions.

Customer Memberships

Improve customer loyalty with membership schemes.

Features by Mode

To keep it as simple as possible for your team our service is split into bite sized modes. Simply click on the mode to find out more.


What's it for

The accounts mode is the hub to managing your auctions within the system.

Within this mode user's have access to the following options:

  • Buyer & Vendor Invoicing
  • Auction Related Information:
    • Lots
    • Vendors
    • Buyers
    • Estate
    • Reports & Print outs
    • Data Exports
  • System Information:
    • Auctions
    • Estates
    • Vendors
    • Buyers

Used By

Accounting Team


What's it for

The administration mode provides you with all the tools for managing the following settings:

  • Auction Houses
  • Users
  • Inbound / Outbound Categories
  • Various Financial Settings
  • Global Settings
  • API & WebHook Settings

Used By

IT Management


What's it for

This mode is an easy to use provides you with the ability to sell & manage items within the live auctions directly on the rostrum. You are provided with:

  • A catalogue list similar to a rostrum sheet
  • Facility to sell lots
  • Update estate numbers of lots and make changes to any incorrect lot titles
  • Sell multiple lots on the option quickly

This is a fantastic addition to any auction house providing benefits such as instant updates for accounts teams ensuring all items are added to buyer invoices as the day progresses and can even negate the requirement to print rostrum sheets.

Used By

Live Auction Teams


What's it for

This mode allows you to manage the outbound process of auction house in a transactional & auditable fashion. The system currently incorporates the following options:

  • Creation of Porters who will operate physical aspects of the outbound process
  • Create & maintain multiple customers queues
  • Assignment of porters to customer invoices for accountability
  • Assignment of porters to queues
  • Live Statistical Reports on performance of outbound activities
  • Porter statistics - See who are the top performers in your team
  • Easy to use interface - users with very limited technology skills can easily operate

This a great tool to help you manage, track and analyse your outbound services.

Used By

Outbound Teams

Data Sanitisation

What's it for

Ever had a client ask you about data sanitisation? Incorporated directly into our service is all the tools to manage, track & report on this process. Include within this mode is:

  • Facilities to generate stock ready for the sanitisation process
  • Record the process of each stock item down to a user level
  • Sign of on completed products
  • Log any products that fail the process
  • Built in note pad for generating How To's on various products
  • Create your own Data Sanitsation Procedures and track what products go through them
  • Generate summary & detailed item reports for clients
  • Locking mechanisms to stop Stock ID's from being catalogued that haven't completed to sanitisation process.

Used By

Data Sanitisation Team
IT Team


What's it for

The Epos mode provides a restricted view into the Account's mode providing users with buyer registration and invoicing capabilities. Users are provided with the following:

  • Buyer Management & Registration
  • Buyer Membership Registration
  • Buyer Invoice Processing

Used By

Cash Office


What's it for

The Lotter mode opens your company up to the ability to catalogue your auctions on the auction house floor directly into the system through the aid of a tablet with camera functionality.

Within this mode your cataloguing team are provided:

  • Basic auction level statistics on total lots, lots with missing images and the status of the auction.
  • Generate Vendors (Financial settings automatically generated created from within the Admin mode)
  • Creation of Estates
  • Create / Edit / Deletion of Lots
  • Facilities to create one or multiple lots all from the same screen
  • Generate & reuse vendor product details by utilising their product codes
  • Locking mechanisms for when catalogues are completed

Used By

Cataloguing Team


What's it for

This is the latest addition to our service to help streamline your sales teams.

  • Generate & Prospects straight into your back office system
  • Record Contacts & Addresses
  • Define your own activity types for activities such as Call Backs, Deadlines, Meetings, Tasks & more
  • Create & manage activities for yourself to follow up on or assign other users activities
  • Provide your team with estate information & sales results so they can relay that information back to their clients
  • Assign vendors to your sales team and limit access to clients they don't deal with
  • Various tracking facilities so you can see who is performing best
  • Plus an automated locking mechanism that disables editing rights for your sales team when a prospect sends items in

The service is currently operating in public beta and new features may be added.

Used By

Sales Team


What's it for

Streamline your customer collections process by pre-picking and compiling invoices ahead of time.

  • Split pick orders by floor or location
  • Mobile device ready to allow for picking on the go
  • Customer facing picking screen for live information
  • Build in a pre-picking process for customers who want to book in

Used By

Outbound Teams


 If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it. 
Dr. H. James Harringtion.

Statistical Analysis is one way to see how well you are doing and we have you covered. This mode is here to help you improve your auction house.

Currently we provide you with the following analytics:

  • Porter & Outbound statistics
  • User Cataloguing Statistics By Auction or By Date Range
  • Vendor Hammer & Lot Statistics By week, month, year & overall
  • Buyer Hammer & Lot Statistics By week, month, year & overall
  • Overall auction results with break downs by income.

New analytics are being added all the time to this section with options for us to incorporate specific options to you.

Used By

Company Directors
Upper Management Teams

Did we mention we can handle multiple auction houses too?

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